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LaunchRapid takes all the manual labor out of listing your startup on popular sites, blogs and directories.
Perfect for startups, side projects and apps.


We help startups get on

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List Your Startup

We submit your startup to a curated list of relevant tech blogs, comparison, review sites and more..

Get Exposure On Relevant Sites

Drive relevant visitors to your startup from dozens of high quality sites and publications. Leverage existing audiences and get more eyeballs on your project for the months to come.

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Improve Your SEO

Build trust and authority in Google's eyes by having your project mentioned on major sites on the web. Get dozens of great backlinks from reputable sources and drive residual traffic from SEO.

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Save ~5 Days Of Your Time

On average, it takes 5 days to complete this process. Can you imagine how much you can do in a solid week of work? Let us handle it for you while you keep rocking it in your zone of genius.

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Get Detailed Report

After the listing process is done, we will provide you a detailed report with current progress, screenshots and what to expect next.

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Check out our example report


Side Project
one-off payment
What’s included 👇
  • 30+ Tech Blogs, Directories and
    Review Sites Submissions
one-off payment
What’s included 👇
  • 75+ Tech Blogs, Directories and
    Review Sites Submissions
one-off payment
What’s included 👇
  • 75+ Tech Blogs, Directories and
    Review Sites Submissions
  • Product Hunt Launch
  • Indie Hackers Launch
  • Professional Copywriting
  • 4 Secreenshots + Graphic Design
  • 1 Minute Video Explainer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is behind LaunchRapid?

    My name is Serge and I'm the creator of LaunchRapid - a place where we help startups get traction through launching their product the right way. Having launched some failed side projects and some successful ones, I realized that getting traction is a skill in itself. This is why I created LaunchRapid to help tech entrepreneurs and their marketing teams do the 80/20 on driving the eyeballs to your product.

  • Why is this important for your startup?

    Being mentioned in tech publications, directories and review sites help you get more customers, gather feedback and grow your startup faster.

  • Do you write any content for the submission? What do I need to provide?

    We need content for submission from the client for Side Project and Startup Plans. Professional copywriting is included only in Scaleup package. After you've signed and paid, you will need to fill up a short questionnaire. You will be taken to an onboarding form where we will ask you to provide relevant information about your project alongside logos, images and videos you have. You can provide as much or as little information as you’d like, but generally the startups with more detailed profiles get better results.

  • My startup is in closed beta. What can I do?

    Please contact the team of LaunchRapid so that we can look deeper into your case and provide with a customized solution.

  • Who is this service for?

    A short answer would be startups. A long answer is this works for tech startups, online businesses, (side-)projects, apps that meet most of the criteria: A technical tool that is not a manual service or a marketplace, A web/mobile app, SaaS, physical product, crowdsourced campaign, You have an English version of the SaaS or app availbale, Small and Medium Business,

  • How are you diffeent from PR Agencies?

    We are not a PR agency that lends you publications on TechCrunch, WSJ & co. We do submissions to websites, blogs, directories like ProductHunt, IndieHackers, StartupBlink and dozens more.

  • How long will it take?

    We aim to complete orders within 5 working days (Monday – Friday) or less. On certain occasions, there may be a delay of day or two, but we really try to avoid this, and we currently complete 90% of all orders within 5 working days or less. You will get email notifications when we have started and when we have completed submitting your startup.

  • How many sites will actually list my startup?

    We cannot guarantee the actual listing of your startup on these websites, nor can we tell you when you will be listed in them. This is because we do not own these websites, and therefore we have no influence or power over them. We can however guarantee that we will submit your website to all the free and freemium directories available and that the submissions will be made in the best possible way.

  • Do I get a report?

    Yes, You will get a detailed report from us containing everything related to the submissions with screenshots attached. Some of the websites require an account for submitting to them. In this case, we will create an account for you, and you will receive all usernames and passwords generated by us in order to perform the submissions, at the end of our work.

  • Why some sites are pending in the report?

    When you receive your Google Sheets report, some of the sites may say pending. This basically means we have submitted your startup, but the site has not yet approved it, this is very common. If after 30 days from your order completion you manually check the site and your not showing, simply send our team an order update and we will check and replace anything that is pending.

  • I don't want to submit my startup right now. What can I do?

    We recommend that you purchase our service as long as you are ready and have all data for your business ready. However, if you need to purchase now and submit later, please contact us before purchasing.

  • Can I pick and choose which resources I get published on?

    No, this is not possible right now. There is a list of Tech Blogs, Directories and Review Sites available at our list page. This carefully curated list is there to ensure the best coverage of your startup.

  • I have already listed my website in some of your directories. What now?

    As part of our service we do a brand audit. This means our team undertakes manual searches to check where you are currently listed. We will never build on sites which your company is already listed on.

  • Do you submit to all the websites in your directory list?

    It depends on the plan you choose to purchase. Please view the directories page for more details on this. Moreover, we will only submit your startup to the relevant websites of our list. For example, if your startup is from Germany, we will not submit it to websites that accept USA startups only. Therefore, each time we carefully pick the places where we submit your startup depending on your eligibility, in order to provide the best experience for you and your startup.

  • What if I’m not satisfied or I changed my mind?

    You can contact us and ask for a refund within 48 hours of your order. You will be fully refunded.

  • I have purchased your service and now I'm getting a lot of confirmation emails! What can I do?

    While we are submitting your startup, nothing. The reason for this is that the emails you receive are normal and expected. As soon as we have finished submitting your startup, we will give you your usernames and passwords so that you can go ahead and follow up with these emails. We advise against using a trash email for this though, because people will be able to see it around the internet.

  • What kind of success can I expect?

    While we submit to all directories in our list, chances are not all will accept your Startup. Typically we see anywhere to 40%-70% approval rating over the course of the review/moderation cycle. The review/moderation cycle is between 1 week to 2-3 months (some directories take longer to get listed).

  • I saw that some directories require an account. What happens in this case?

    That is correct, some directories require that we create an account for you. At the end of submitting, we provide you with the account details (usernames and passwords) so that you can follow up with those directories.

  • I want to submit my startup! How do I start?

    Just go to our pricing page and make your payment through Stripe. Afterwards, you will be redirected to the form where you will have to fill the submit data about your startup. This data will be used to perform the submissions.

  • Let's get your startup listed.